Senior Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Corporate Marketing professional spanning across the Educational, Retail, and Medical spaces. Almost 10 years of experience with all forms of media: print, web, email marketing, social, video, trade show, and brand management. Creative lead brainstorming ideas, producing original design concepts, and delivering brand appropriate solutions. Mentor to Junior Designers and Interns managing multiple projects, prioritizing tasks, and overseeing the creative process, fostering creativity and growth. Strategic thinker, creative problem-solver, and brand-focused exceeding expectations by producing and delivering campaigns per briefing requirements, by deadline, and on budget.


Other things you should know:

  • I always have great attitude and spread positivity across my whole team.
  • I work hard because when I lead a project, I want it to be the best.
  • I love what I do and I’m good at it.
  • I’m an award-winning designer. I like my company’s name printed in silver emboss.

I'm also a real person:

  • I have 2 children - they have fur. They are schnauzers. They are awesome.
  • I love video games - currently playing Ark: Survival Evolved. Because dinosaurs.
  • I love TV - I pretty much watch everything. Everything.
  • I have an Android phone - does that label me?
  • Painting - Acrylics. Makeup. Don't confuse the two, no good comes from it. Except for that one time in design school.
  • I love music - what can I say? It moves me. Punny.
  • I use a sewing machine. Badly. Halloween costumes.
  • My favorite font is Trebuchet. Specifically lowercase g.
  • Antique stores and thrift stores - Challenge: make $15 look like $50.
  • Travel - I haven't gone anywhere cool. I should probably get a passport and money.